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Technology should never be intimidating...

This site started as a site to promote my business as a Freelance trainer/instructor. Since then it’s changed…a lot! I do many things, specializing in a few on the professional level. All of them seem to orbit the term “Technology”–I love it! Technology spans history and I try to keep my hands in those pieces coming straight from the future while creating things out of the past.


Sure, for lack of a better term, yes!

I am.

IoT Specialist

I’ve worked with the “Internet of Things” long before it got that name. In the beginning it was documentation, transitioning into training and management. Then I began light IoT Development and continued to strengthen a lifetime of Instructional Design. The past several years have involved a fair amount of IoT Architecture…with that becoming a focus over the last two.


I’m a published author…although about 90% of what I’ve pushed is not available to the public (remember, Technical Writer!). Everything else is pretty much what I want to write–whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. But it’s out there and I’m pretty good at it! As I get older it’s something nagging at me more often, so I take it more seriously.

I list it here because it’s important, and it has quite a bit to do what my other jobs…every day.


Here’s the tough one.

I was forced into photography and it’s not something that came naturally; I had to work at it, research it, study…practice. Gear collected around me until I just relaxed and enjoyed what I had and took the pictures I wanted.

Guess what? Photography became fun and my skills improved. Again, why do I list it here? Well, if I write an article, I’ve got a much better chance of selling it when I take the pictures. Sometimes the pictures dictate what I write. And it has begun to really merge into video (which melds into one of the first companies I started and sold).

So, the answer is simple…all of these skills work together, make my skill set unique and valuable.

Most of my “Professional Work” revolves around the IoT Specialist field. With that in mind, please take a look at the following to learn more:

So, you need something but are not entirely sure where that "something" falls. Or you have "something" but need to refactor it into something different, and are not sure of the best way to do it.

Maybe the time has come to get a fresh take on it; gather a few options, make a plan so you can move forward!


After the Instructional Design, someone (or something) has to deliver it. The method (whether it's a person or a page) needs to connect with the intended audience and convey the information you need them to understand; preferably in the easiest, most digestible manner possible.

If it's a mixed audience (say, technical and non-technical). Can the information be delivered to both simultaneously? Are cultural differences taken into account? What about language? (You could be teaching in English to an ESL (English as a second language) audience.)

Is your delivery boring? Too long? Not deep enough?

Do you, as a company, seem interested in supporting your customers, clients and users?

UX is User Experience.

Much of the time, UX is tied in with UI (User Interface). It surprises a lot of people to learn they aren't the same thing, and they should be completely different processes!

Ideally,  you have people to guide your business through the UX process.

  • Research
  • Interviewing
  • User tests
  • Statistics
  • Personas
  • Etc.

There's a lot that goes into it, and many good examples of big organizations who have succeeded or failed just because of making the commitment to, and correct decisions at, the UX phase.

Creating and designing the materials used to teach and train various audiences is not a task to be taken lightly:

  • Which model(s) should you use? (ADDIE, Iterative, Dick and Carey, a hybrid?)
  • What is the question? What is the answer?
  • Audiences?
  • Delivery methods?
  • Single Source content creation or not?
  • Should you use a CMS?
  • Should I put this on a Platform? In a Framework?
  • Certification?
  • Many, many more...

Often, it's not as simple as sitting down and writing an FAQ, or sending an email...but it could be! It takes thought, planning, resources and so many unseen vectors that you might just want to "phone it in". But, you've hired people for this, right? Do they have a plan for new channels and new techniques?

Business or Technical Architecture is a "hand in hand" process for me. I teach people how to plan their Architecture, but more importantly, I do it. 

Getting people out of their comfortable places, into a new space--to think and view things differently and put solutions together, that is a goal I love working towards.

Let's Get Started!

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