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Technology should never be intimidating...

Knowledge is often a thing that is held close, and that hurts your product; especially if you want people to use it. If you desire your product, your technology, to be adopted–to be used, your users should know what it is capable of, how they can develop it (integrate it), and where they can go when they have questions.

To meet those needs, a few questions must be considered, answers that are given through proper training, idiation, and hard work.

Who are my audiences?

You will provide information to more groups of people than you probably realize. Do you know who they are? How do you identify these audiences? And, more importantly, how should your training be processed? Can knowledge be delivered, effectively, to meet their needs?

Parts, Pieces and Packages

You have a product, a technology…but in order to make it successful, you need to take it apart (even before it is a reality). Developers may not be interested in some pieces, business managers may be interested in others; all of them may want to know why they should use your technology and what it can do for them. How do you take it apart and identify what to teach to whom? What does one package look like when compared to another? And how do you put it all back together to represent the strengths and advantages of the whole?

Are you too close?

This is a difficult question to answer. If you are having trouble, then that answer is probably “yes”. Being “too close” to your product or technology means you have assumptions about its use. What is obvious to you, is often hidden from your audiences. They simply do not have the knowledge you possess; those advantages and insights should be shared!

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